Alien labs
This was the first time I ordered Alien labs Was expecting to be disappointed since I was used to 2 A or 3 A. When i first opened it up it smelled weak put had a good smell. The buds were fresh and fluffy. The next morning I smoked one or two buckets and I flew outside 🙃 I was able to work 3 hours in my yard. When I have chronic pain I am not able to move much in the morning. This strain just became one of my go to strains for pain and be mobile. I was happily mistaken 😁🤪
Weaves Trusted Customer
Forbidden Fruit
This is good smoke for its price, makes you sleepy if you chill too much. Good pick me up. Good strong taste, would definitely buy again. I’m trying my best to try every strain.
alexius Trusted Customer
Very good, fresh, sticky and nice high definitely worth buying


Deschenes Trusted Customer
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Awesome product love it. Great shipping customers service is topnotch
Love ordering from this website i will continue to do so cause they are amazing great vape though. Thanks Megacanabis Dispensary!!
Whisper28 Trusted Customer
I was expecting a chocolate flavour, and that’s definitely not what I got, so it was surprising but in a good way, maybe a little weird. I really enjoyed the high it gave me! it was really uplifting and pleasant. The effects kicked in pretty fast too.
felixa Trusted Customer
I love these Gummies! They seem to be the best bargain for THC content vs. price. I’m a very experienced smoker, but I don’t usually smoke a lot of weed in one sitting. Two of these Gummies are a perfect dose for me. I get a powerful and long lasting buzz without being too incapacitated. Eating three Gummies? Well… I had a hard time getting up off the sofa. Maybe a little too much if I plan on getting anything done.


Elmo Trusted Customer
Platinum GSC
I love this strain, it’s definitely one of my newer favorites. It’s really smooth and hard to harsh on, and I find it has a good high.
ajkii13 Trusted Customer
Nice strong hit in the Vape, light lemon pine flavour, was pretty smooth, followed by a calm headrush which then mellowed me out, but still left me with lots of energy!!
Jeff Trusted Customer
I really really enjoyed these gummies great for a day out or just to lift my spirits all around great taste and well made I will definitely be ordering again and the price speaks for it self multiple highs for a great low price


White Trusted Customer
Awesome product, will definitely recommend it to my friends!!.
Viking Trusted Customer
pre rolls
I love pre-rolled joints; the container they come in is smell-proof and get storage, the weed itself is smooth and a good high. Only thing down fall, on multiple occasions, I’d received some of the joints not twisted tight enough at the tip, so a majority of the weed was at the bottom of the container and half filled joints. Otherwise, a definitely purchase
klynnbeau Trusted Customer
These are awesome 😎 haha .. it tastes good and gets you high quickly if you keep using it. Good product! Hope to see more stains though, the Pink Kush is 👌🏼 Thanks Megacanabis Dispensary!!.


Cheerio Trusted Customer
I was curious about theses cause I’ve been having trouble with sleep a lot and theses were great I gotta make sure I buy more next time cause I felt like I had to take 2 to really feel it but still good for people with not high tolerance
caman227 Trusted Customer
Sweet Island Skunk
Great nugs with lots of trichomes and smells great too, altough not as tangerine smelling as I already smelled. Upon grinding thats where this strain reveals its true colors and terps and believe me you wont be deceived! Burns smooth but can burn reaaaallly slow too so be careful if you take snappers because a little goes a looong way lol. Great sativa strain with good body buzz too, would recommend !
Packabow Trusted Customer
This is great stuff! Big dense buds that smells fresh with a sweet and sour touch! Got a dark green color and a lot of dark orange hair! An earthy taste with a pinch of sweet and sour comes from those nugs, and they are keeping me active and motivate!


MoreRasta Trusted Customer
I only smoke at night before bed so I like a nice relaxing high. This was it. As the description, the buzz is fast onset, which I like. Helps me crash and relax. Only downside, for me anyways, is that it doesn’t last very long. I need to smoke a few times in the evening, but to be expected with a AA. Which again, for a AA it’s pretty good. Nice light taste to it. Very dry eye and very dry mouth for me as well, as also described. It doesn’t make me sleepy on the first high, but the second one will do me in. Very good, must try.
KitKat Trusted Customer
heavy hitters
The oil itself is great, no complaints. It is smooth and has that great honey oil flavour. I purchased 2 cartridges and only one of them worked. Megacanabis Dispensary gave me a full refund, excellent service! As always great stuff!!

Thanks again!

Pupil Trusted Customer
These are by far the best  and value for our money. Please keep them in stock. In fact, it would be great to sell them in bigger packages! One gives a nice buzz, 2 even better!


cubsand Trusted Customer