Buy RSO oil for THC-backed treatment

There’s nothing new about Rick Simpson Oil. This product was deemed the next big thing in cannabis treatment methods many years ago, and it has successfully lived up to its name. A THC-laden concoction, RSO cannabis oil has been helping patients for a long time by bringing in the best that terpenes and cannabinoids have to offer in an easy-to-use substance.

RSO is made with THC and resin taken away from the plant and drained into an oily substance. Many strains are great for RSO, but Indicas with high THC levels are the gold standard for the concoction. To keep the best features from losing their properties, the CO2 extraction system is a safe way to separate cannabinoids and ultimately make them into RSO.

RSO oil for sale — More than just cannabis oil

Don’t be fooled by its oil name. Cannabis oils can’t compare to RSO in terms of the effects delivered by THC. When you choose to order RSO oil online, you’re treating yourself to a product that is more of a THC heavyweight than a regular THC-containing substance. Using it requires caution so that RSO’s psychoactive effects don’t deal a too heavy blow for you to handle.

For most patients, starting low and making it to one gram of RSO per day step by step is the best strategy. Get your doctor to plan an RSO regimen for you for every week of your treatment. This way, you’ll safely adjust your dosages and consume as much oil as necessary to achieve relief.

Like cannabis oil, RSO makes for a helpful addition to drinks and foods. It’s associated with some bitterness, so you don’t have to take it in an unmixed manner as a cough syrup. Add it to your favorite beverages or snacks, and your senses will thank you.

Conditions that RSO can help with

Have you been diagnosed with cancer? RSO cannabis oil can become your strongest line of defense against it. Because it is extracted to preserve and maximize terpenes and THC, this substance shows great results in combating cancerous cells. Of course, you should make sure RSO doesn’t hurt the conventional treatments you’re receiving.

Cancer aside, many patients choose to buy RSO oil online to treat pain, sleep disorders, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, and other conditions. If you’re diagnosed with any of these, talk to your doctor about adding RSO to your regimen.

Where to buy RSO oil?

That’s the question you already know the answer to. Mega Cannabis Dispensary breaks down the barriers you used to encounter when shopping for RSO oil. We carry the concoction in many dosage options and deliver USA-wide and Canada-wide.

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