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Can CBD Hemp Flowers Help To Cure Migraines And Headaches?

Can CBD Hemp Flowers Help To Cure Migraines And Headaches?

Can CBD Hemp Flowers Help To Cure Migraines And Headaches?

Migraine is a common neurological disorder and has a significant impact on people due to complications and the rising cost of healthcare. Internationally, 47% of adults have an ongoing headache issue, 10% have a migraine, 38% have a tension-type headache, and 3% have a persistent headache that lasts longer than 15 days per month. Many societal costs of headaches have been recorded, most of which are indirect due to lost work hours.

Researchers have discovered that smoking the hemp flower can help relieve a tension headache or migraine. According to the study, smoking hemp flowers lowers self-reported headache intensity by 47.3% and migraine intensity by 49.6%. This research shows that different cannabinoids or other compounds like terpenes may help in headache and migraine management because hemp contains over 100 cannabinoids.

Let’s know more about this magic compound that has the power to reduce such intense headaches and migraines by almost half.

Can CBD Hemp Flowers Help To Cure Migraines And Headaches? 

What are Hemp Flowers?

Female hemp plants produce hemp flowers. It has a distinct scent and several medical benefits. Unlike many other cannabis Sativa flower cultivars, this one has a lower THC content and a higher CBD content. The psychoactive chemical THC is present in these flowers at less than 3%. It indicates that inhaling a modest amount of this flower has no psychoactive effect. As a result, you obtain the benefits of this substance without any cognitive impairments.

Eastern Asia is home to the hemp flower. It is abundant in this part of the world, and because of the multiple benefits, it is used almost everywhere. In the United States, purchasing hemp is lawful. Hemp-derived products are available from a variety of brands. You must conduct extensive research about the brand and its items to ensure that you receive the correct product and can benefit from it.

Hemp flowers are becoming increasingly appealing for smoking. People like the relaxing and the calming effect of marijuana, which it provides when smoked in a bubbler, pipe, or pre-rolled (or self-rolled) joints. Another common new craze is vaping flowers with a vape pen. Those who don’t like the “experience” of smoking hemp flowers can use a dry herb vaporizer to evaporate their flowers.

Hemp Flowers for Migraines and Headaches

Migraine headaches are a relatively common illness, but they can make life incredibly difficult for individuals suffering from them. When a migraine strikes, it can be hard to sustain in daily life due to symptoms such as pounding headaches, nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to noise and light, and sometimes even vision problems such as flashes of light or blind spots. Migraines are so incapacitating that they are the second reason for disability in those under 50 years. While there are a variety of prescription migraine treatments available, many migraine patients find that they are ineffective. As a result, many people are exploring alternative migraine treatments. However, new research may give migraine victims reason to believe that hemp flowers could be a viable treatment option for these excruciating headaches. According to the study’s findings, migraine patients who have tried both cannabis and pharmaceutical medications for their headaches think that cannabis works better.

The focus of this research from the University of Colorado, Boulder, was to find out how migraine patients use cannabis and if it helps them. To do so, researchers enlisted the help of 589 adult cannabis smokers who resided in jurisdictions where both medicinal and recreational cannabis are permitted. In an online survey, these people answered questions about their cannabis usage, migraine symptoms, and their history managing migraines with cannabis and other drugs. They even graded the effectiveness of several medications based on how much relief they provided from migraine symptoms. Migraine patients claimed that cannabis provided them much more relief than non-cannabis therapies, such as conventional migraine medicines. The average claimed improvement with cannabis was 75.82%, but non-cannabis products only brought about a 51.01% improvement. Even when only looking at the results of those who used both forms of therapies, cannabis was far more helpful.

Another surprising conclusion of the study was that 65% of migraine patients who use cannabis as medication do so without a medical marijuana license. According to the researchers involved, this could indicate that they are self-medicating without a professional direction.

Only one randomized, double-blind research of hemp flower administration for headache or migraine has shown that nabilone improves headache, analgesic consumption, and life quality in individuals with intractable drug overuse headaches. Another research concluded that hemp flower use decreased headache and migraine scores by 50%. Men had more headache reductions than women. There was also an indication of tolerance for side effects of migraines. To confirm the early observations, larger-scale research is required.

Side Effects of Hemp Flower Consumption

Side Effects of Hemp Flower Consumption

So far, we’ve talked about how CBD hemp flowers can help with migraines. On the other hand, excessive or inappropriate use can have harmful consequences. Before using CBD hemp flowers, talk to your physician about the advantages and any side effects. Let’s discuss some of its side effects:

  • Liver issues – Excessive CBD hemp flower consumption can cause liver issues. When consuming CBD hemp flowers, you should be mindful if you have liver complications.
  • It may impact an unborn child’s growth – CBD hemp flower should not be used by a pregnant lady. It could be harmful to the unborn baby because it could impact the mother’s and baby’s wellbeing.
  • Vomiting – This is a rare occurrence during the first several weeks of consuming hemp flowers. If this occurs, you should minimize the amount used. It will aid in the prevention of vomiting.



While further in-depth studies or, better yet, double-blind clinical trials might provide more solid evidence on these topics, this study gives us some idea of how people manage migraines by smoking hemp flowers. Clinical trials will eventually help fill up some of the gaps in the future, giving migraine sufferers precise parameters f

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