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Welcome to Megacanabisdispensary review and Business portfolio,Due to my many illnesses ( General Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Panic Disorder, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, Chronic Nausea and Vomiting, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Peptic Ulcer, and Chronic Tension Migraines. ) I am directed to take a cocktail of medications. All of these medications have taken a major toll on my body. The process of finding the right medications was even more excruciating. I was experiencing side effects from several drugs all at once. For two months I was left in indescribable discomfort. As of right now, I am prescribed Zoloft, Valium, Seroquel, Gabapentin, Hyoscyamine, Prednisone, Bentyl, Prochlorperazine, Robaxin, and if the pain is severe, then 20mg of Oxycontin. After matching with all these medications and letting them work their way through my body, I figured this was as much relief as I was going to get. Until I found Cannabis. The wonder drug. It has helped with every single one of my ailments.

I ordered an oz of White Widow and I have to say that this strain has it all. It looks fantastic and this order seemed to be perfectly cured. The taste and smell is just phenomenal not to mention the high, a nice clean head high. keeps me energized but don’t smoke too much too quick or else its to the sofa for you. I ordered on Saturday and received my order on the following wednesday. I have to say that this is truly the nicest most beautiful strain. Definitely AAAA+. Will definitely order this strain again. Cheers

Megacanabisdispensary Business portfolio

Mega Canabis Dispensary began as an idea to create a top-notch delivery service in the US and quickly evolved in much more. Even though Colorado accepted legal Marijuana way back in 1996, we felt there was still a major lacking in quality and service. From what once started as a humble, flower-child type movement, evolved into the next Colorado gold rush.

It seemed as though legalization opened up the doors for big-business and caused many companies to lose sight of the actual user. Mega Canabis Dispensary was inspired by a sense of community. We were tired of being deceived by companies who promised “top shelf” only to arrive with the lackluster product, deliveries that took over 3 hours to arrive, and companies who simply wouldn’t answer the phone.

We recognized the need and decided to create something we knew people like ourselves would appreciate.

Are Megacanabisdispensary products Legit and do they have security upon delivery?

Mega Canabis Dispensary is committed to ensuring that your privacy and security is protected at all times, in fact, we care so much that we offer guaranteed stealth delivery to anywhere in the world at no extra cost! All orders are fully guaranteed, so whatever happens, nothing will ever stand between you and your weed!

With literally thousands upon thousands of amazing strains from the best breeders in the world, ranging from famous cup-winners to potent, CBD-laden medical strains, High THC powerhouses, famous cheese seeds and popular white widow strains, all the way through to some of the rarest, hardest-to-find varieties in the world.

You can get it all right here at Mega Canabis Dispensary! Because we only ever work with breeders who meet our rigorous quality standards, you can be sure that whatever cartridges,weed, eddible you get from Mega Canabis Dispensary, they’ll make exceptional additions to your genetic library!

WEBSITE SECURITY – SSL certificate, 256 bit encryption =100%

CUSTOMER CARE- Responsive real time chat= 100%

PRODUCT SECURITY – Bc secured with AAAAA Cannabis= 100%



We have built relations with leading breeders over the last decade. We constantly test the quality of the marijuana seeds in collaboration with these breeders. Due to privacy issues we cannot publish any breeder details.


Mega Canabis dispensary is not just a business it’s a movement in itself. We are advocators of the use of Medical Marijuana and we help spread the word and educate people wherever we can. We believe strongly in giving back to the community and are active at all levels, be it canvassing on the street, assisting other organizations with marketing and strategies for influencing governments, and helping with the activism movement in the US.

Please remember that the growing of cannabis plants and the cultivation of seeds is illegal in some countries. Please check the laws of your country and don’t be growing any plants if it is against your country’s laws.

NB: You must be 18 years of age and above before you can purchase from Mega Canabis dispensary.

Final Rating and Final thoughts

I hope mega canabis dispensary review was helpful and informative, if you having any doubt or idea that could help in the growth and smooth running of the dispensary you can leave a word in the comment section we will make sure we give a quick response to your suggestions or complains as soon we can.

Final thoughts

Mega canabis dispensary are the remedy to mailing of canabis products around the globe without any issues and making safe and discreet delivery to clients is our priority.

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